Sleep Consulting

 Successful days lead to successful nights and we will show you how to achieve both.

A predictable daily routine leads to healthy sleep habits and we offer overnight support to implement the plan. You choose your level of support: from instructional training to 24/7 care.


Whatever your goal is, we are ready to support you. We can stay overnight to help establish routines or coach you by phone. Whatever your family needs in order to have success with infant sleep, we are there to support you.


Sleep Consulting Services can include the following:

  >  Customized daytime routine and sleep plan

  >  Evaluation of baby’s sleep/eating log

  >  Assessment of nursery and sleep environment

  >  Education on healthy infant sleep behavior

  >  Specialized support for families of twins and multiples, premature babies, and babies who have spent time in the NICU

  >  Toddler sleep support

  >  Naptime help

  >  Solutions for short or unpredictable naps

  >  Nighttime routines for the entire family



Our sleep consultants will help you set your sight on a goal, make a plan, and begin to practice habits to support reaching your goal. We will guide you through the process of helping your baby to develop the skills that get you closer to your goal. And one day, after consistent practice, and our support, you will achieve it.

Babies want to sleep, but sometimes they need help to do it well. Your Wasatch Doulas sleep consultant will come to your home. At your initial meeting you will work together to set a goal for your baby.


You may have heard that poor sleep with a baby is a foregone conclusion.  We're here to let you know that it doesn't have to be that way. Call Wasatch Doulas today and we will help you reach your goals.



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